Aston-Teamchef verted by Vettel nach GP Australien

GP Australien 2022

Sebastian Vettel has been a member of Melbourne’s Rennwochenenden Seiner Career. Gleich zwei Mal warf der Heppenheimer sein Auto in die Mauer. Teamchef Mike Krack is a guest coach in the field.

This is the case for Saison for Sebastian Vettel in Melbourne. The original Corona-Erkrankung konnte der Deutsche mit zwei Grands Prix Verspätung endlich wall rstwochenende graduates. Doch am Enden kamen in drei Trainings, einem Qualifying und dem Rennen gerade ma 48 Runden zusammen. Das war die weite The journey was not well received.

The balance sheet is based on the following: Motor problems in the training, 5,000 Euro The cost of the training in the field, the preparation of the training, the crash and the training, which is not more than 600 Euro Strafe), the starting point and the gutters in the gutter were started at Kies (Round 10) and the gate was closed at Crash in Curve (Rd. 22).


For the Aston Martin front in the diesel Saison noch überhaupt nichts zusammen.

Keine Kritik an Vettel

“Vosit Positives can be used in the same way. The system is also suitable. “I have no problem with this product. It is natural that it does not work properly. It can be used for a while and is still running. It is very difficult to find a solution.”

First of all, the water in the Rennen is surrounded by sports equipment. Doch am Ende war der Spaß noch vor der Halbzeit vorbei. The renegotiation of the operation of the medical service, which was carried out by the FIA ​​Commercial Office, was carried out at the Medical Center. In the case of an inspection with a capacity of less than 15 g, a mandatory check is required. The company did not meet the requirements. It is necessary to implement the law.

The selected experts in the field and in the social media have been criticized by Stell. Doch Teamchef Mike Krack is a member of Schützling’s director of the business: “We are still in charge of this issue, and we still have problems with this issue.

Bouncing wie eine Mauer

It is possible to use the same method as Peter Heppenheimer for the carpentry of the carriage, which may be used. “This is not normal, but the caliber of the caliber is of the same type as that which is not present. In the event of a breach of the provisions of this Regulation, the period of validity may be reduced. “

When the technician in the field, the car is equipped with a vehicle. Laut Krack was the first to go to the pace in Melbourne and was born. “Aber das konnten wir leider nicht zeigen.” The problem is due to the bouncing on the head. The mechanic must be equipped with an AMR22 as shown above, the aerodynamics of which are shown above.

“This car is potentially unavoidable and may not be included in the package. However, there is a problem with the aerodynamics and the air conditioner. “This is the first time the goods have been used.”

Lawrence Stroll - Aston Martin - GP Australien 2022 - Melbourne


Besrzer Lawrence Stroll is currently not eligible.

The production of brakes is reduced

The city of Melbourne is now one of the main sources of energy. The crash must be carried out on a pilot plant. The information for the car engine and sport is provided by the company that has access to the car links. In the case of molluscs from the Fall nachproduziert werden, sonst droht beim kleinsten Fehler im Training ein Rennausfall.

The crude oil will not fall under the following conditions: The capacities of the cars and the production of these products are still being discussed. “

The crude can be used for the purpose of mixing other parts of the machine. The Naffolger des Alpine abdewandwerten Otmar Szafnauer is located here in Wochen in Silverstone and Bord. In the case of a vehicle which has undergone such treatment, it is necessary to carry out the work in accordance with the provisions of this Regulation.

These are considered to be ingredients in the process, which are clearly identified and identified. Dass Teambesitzer Lawrence Stroll did not pay any interest in the work and was not allowed to do so. It is possible to carry out the operation of the plant, which may not be used.

The team members are not involved. The cross-section of the 50-year-old is not: “If I have to go to the car park, I would still be able to pay the rest of the work.


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