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The new and exemplary provision of the Forgischin Chorgemeinschaft Photo: Verein / Haug-Groß

“Hoffentlich können wir bald wieder zusammen singen” – dieser Wunsch war jüngst Tenor bei der Hauptversammlung der Chorgemeinschaft Frohsinn.

Schramberg – Vorsitzender Thomas Brugger found out that the activities on a couple of choirs under the Corona Achievements in the “Szene 64” and a fast food in the Café-Bar Majolika are also limited in their activities. Musically, the content will be shared in December as the result for the concert “Tausend Sterne” of the online project “Macht hoch die Tür” on Youtube.

Brugger blickt zurück

Brugger looks at his end-to-end zeal for a long time as well as before and after the fest, so that there are some choices for the best possible: The line is worth it. In addition to the external restrictions on the empowerment of women and men, there are more. With 64 active and 47 passive members, the association is well established. Chorleiterin Claudia Habermann is a member of the Brugger for her leadership style. The genocide of freedom, which is in their musical area lies and describes the combination of work as possible and very good.

Left cash register in the upper year

Robert Mayer informs that the box office in this serious year with a slightly negative result must be concluded. Martina Degner and Reinhard Leichle provided a free cash register. The setting of the Vorstands was filled with the words and words of Willi Kuhn, with a great sense of justice, and was honored with the honor of Applause. So steltte er im Hinblick auf die nun hoffentlich wieder beginnenden Proben fest: “Man kann dann auf das Virus simppfen, Singen isch wie fünf Mal impfen.”

Absage of Chorfests

The Chorfest in Leipzig, in the year 2021 of the Chorverband, is open, the event will take place in May. The Chorgemeinschaft Frohsinn hats sich ursprünglich zur Teilnahme angemeldet, jedoch gingen jüngst intern ein paar Abmeldungen ein, sodass einzelne Stimmen mager bessetzt sind. Also, do not disconnect, the short-term exclusion must be determined. So stellte sich jungst in der Hauptversammlung die Frage, ob der Chor singfähig sein wird. In front of the background, until May, only a few tests can be found, but the devastating decision should be taken, the parts should be removed. Stattdessen ist eine kleine musikalische Aktivität vor Ort angedacht, wo sich gemischter Chor und Confetti-Chor présentieren können.

New presentation concept must be

Nachdem es nicht elungen ist, einen Nachfolger für den sheidenden Vorsitzenden Thomas Brugger zu finden, wurde im Beirat ein neues Vorstandspept erarbeitet. So the classic structure is created and is a stand-alone team, supported by three people, with a unique point of view. The saturation will be evaluated. For the area Chor ist nun Dominik Nagel verantwortlich, für die Finanzen Robert Mayer und Sabine Dieterle übernimmt den Bereich Organization. All candidates should be selected. Anja Schroth (Schriftführerin), Martina Degner and Reinhard Leichle (cashier) also see the Beers Sibylle Munz, Petra Schmälter, Christine Schondelmaier, Karl Pröbstle and now as Beirat Thomas Brugger as well as others.

Willi Kuhn geehrt

For 40 years Singing in the choir is Willi Kuhn guessed. In a variety of art and wisdom, it is in the run of the year: As an engaging and leading tenor in different countries, they are also in a different position. In addition to his special talent, the works of the audience, he is also known for his collection of friends. Thomas Brugger appreciates his authenticity in the Reimform and overpowers their urkunde and silver Ehrennadel des Schwäbischen Chorverbands.

With a lot of applause on the Brugger als Vorsitzender verrabschiedet. The Chorgemeinschaft thanks them for their commitment and attention to the commitment of different sites. Dabei is very simple, it is very popular and worthwhile. The situation is similar, the Brugger dem Verein als Beirat rested.


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