Ariat launches innovative Training Technology in its new Ascent Collection –

For the year 2022 the leading Reitsportmarke Ariat has been branded as the Ascent-Collection collection, the Art, as well as the trainers, will be there.

With innovative technologies, Ariat launches its latest collection of the best and most comprehensive sports equipment for Fruhjahr and Sommer. Ariat’s bereit für alles, was der Sommer seinen Reitern zumutet. Technologies such as ClimateTEK and the Mesh-Einsätze storage spacers are designed with the Trigger in mind, with ease and comfort.

The Ascent Baselayer with Viertelreißverschluss is a Premiere for Ariat. It compresses over compression sets, the various parts of which are mounted on the Sport Taps and supports the muscular movements, as well as on the Mesh-Einsitz, which work for Stability in the Satellite. The construction and the flat surface of the Einsitz are designed for a good Haltung im Sattel and the trail with dazu bei, which are not overexposed or compared. Similar technologies are collected with the recycled Materials, the smallest 50% of the Baselayers are removed. Also in the long-term version and in both options you can choose between the preferences and preferences of the recipients.

The kitchen, elegant and stylish Baselayer is the ultimate Schutzschicht against the Elements – with the exception of the table. Exhausted by Ariat ClimateTEK-Kühltechnologie, reacted by the Baselayer on the temperature gauges, so that they would cool down, if they were wet, and if they were left untreated, they would be stored.

Ascent 1/4 Zip Baselayer, 93,00 Euro:

Ascent 1/4 Zip Baselayer, 93,00 Euro:

The Sweatshirt with Ariatr Reschhendem Reiatßverschlus von Ariat is the elegant Sportstil nachmpfunden and verwendet dieselbe ftrdernde Mesh-Einsatz-Technologie wie der Baselayer, um Sie vor Verletzungen zu bewahren. The V-shaped arrangement of the edges on the rucksack is concave, aligned with the basics of the axis.

The Ascendant Sweatshirt with Ariatrosexlusss’s fastening speed is up to 50% of the recyclable Material and provides a straightforward stretch of Material for Breathing Frequency and Stability at Reiten. If you want to work, work this Sweatshirt no matter what the Moisture Movement-Technology of Ariat, the simple Ensemble of the Future from the Material is heated and added, as well as to enable your activity to warm up and warm up.

This sweatshirt is very comfortable and easy to wear on the Mesh-Einsätze, so you can wear it well and not wear it. With a Zwei-Wege-Reverser shuttle the Sweatshirt has more activation activity, while the next Reverser switch is closed. Schutz vor Cälte bei der Rast läst sich dagegen über den zweiten Reißverschluss erzielen. As the Baselayer Ascent also has two Sweatshirts with AriatTEK-Technology supported, the elements rotate and the air temperature is regulated.

The Ascent Half Grip Leggings try on the most innovative technologies such as the Ascent Baselayer and the Sweatshirt. The compression material is made of corrugated fabric and flakes so that it looks like an elegant, edgy look. The mesh support is supported by the smooth spanning of the muscles and gelenke and is supported in the steigbügeln for the craft and comfort in the beinen and provides the muscular regeneration.

The branded Ascent Retirement mounts are designed for tightening stability and for ultimate comfort. In Sattel we will return to Einsatz a Halbsitzgriffs from Silicon on the Extension of Materials to extinguish it, the next Bodenhaftung beet, to have the Hull volumes to hold Halt, abnormal alloys dendbar, atmospheric active and flex. In both cases the upper bouts featured two cutaways, for easier access to the higher frets.

Ascent Sweatshirt with removable neckline, 110.00 Euro:

Ascent Half Grip Reiterleggings, 125,00 Euro:

A new entry for 2022, the Ariat Ascent Railway Station, is now available for men as well as for women. The specially designed Pro Performance-Driven Tank beats the Smart Rebound Technology with a fast and long-handled damping. The construction of the Stiffels has a strong and resilient structure, with ease and comfort for the trainer. The windshield wipers are then mounted on an air-conditioned, FLX-Schaumstoff – Swingarm bushes, each of which is equipped with EVA- and rubber material with a single-speed backflow pulse and compression brake. In a one-of-a-kind Design with Dressurbogen können Reiterinnen bequem and style trainer.

The Asiat Paddock pillars by Ariat have a special upgrade – ideal for an unbeatable day in the Reinstall. The flexible, easy and serviceable steelets are ideal for training. The high-volume Vollnarbenleder shafts have a low-pressure barrier, which allows self-cleaning wittungs to stand firm, so you can also use this Schuhwerk.

The neoprene straps on the upper bouts featured two cutaways, for easier access to the higher frets. The switches on the FLX-Schaumstoff beat well in order to easily dump an ideal Ringtone, organized by an ATS Pro Performance Chain. Beide Sohlenkomponenten bieten langanhaltenden Halt, absorbieren Stöße und bramsen Kompression und Druck dort, wo es nötig ist. These Stiefeletten are set to the highest standards with a special Duratread-Außensohle and rear bodenhaftungszonen zone. The Ascent H2O Paddock-Stiefeletten are also suitable for men, so that we do not have to worry about and only then support the training.

Ascent H2O Paddock pads for women, 150,00 Euro (for men and women models)

Through the diesel Strick the construction as the Ascent Paddock-Stiefeletten lasse are perfectly matched with the Ascent Chaps zo hohen Reitstiefel combination. The Strickrock’s on Spain orgs for an elegant Abschluss, the look of a hohen Reitstiefels erzeugt. The design takes place over a distance from the Wade Innsection, which is designed for stability and height. A one-way YKK® Reversal course on the back seat with the Conversion course beats the Comfort, the one with the Training arm.

Unisex Ascent Chaps, 123,00 Euro:

This collection has been used since February 2022 for this link. Previous prices are:

Ascent 1/4 Zip Baselayer – € 93.00:

Ascent 1/4 Zip Crew Shirt – € 80.00:

Ascent Sweatshirt with reverse closure – € 110.00:

Ascent Half Grip Reiterleggings – € 125.00:

Ascent Ratio for Men – € 290.00:

Ascent Ratio for women – € 290.00:

Ascent H2O Paddock Stiefeletten for Women – € 150.00:

Ascent H2O Paddock Stiefeletten for Men – € 150.00:

Ascent Unisex Chaps – € 123.00:


Ariat International was founded in 1993 by the Stanford MBA Degree Program Beth Cross and Pam Parker with the visionary Ziel gegrundet, Sportschuh-Leistungstechnologie in Reitstiefel zu integrated. Our focus is on integrating innovative technology into education and creativity, even if Ariats want the World Performance brand to reach the world, the table of the best retailers and returnees with millions of people coming and going and running Freien verbringen. Beth Cross, CEO and CEO of Ariat, joined EY Entrepreneur of the Year (Category Category) in North California in 2018. The exterior of the Teams extends from the surrounding area to a large classroom, the flourishing part of the interior is surrounded by a wide range of buildings that enclose the interior part of the building.

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