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Atlanta (dpa) – Do you want to accept sports in your business? And the yellow and other rules of the company?

This is because Schwimmer’s Lia Thomas went to the University of Atlanta as a transfer from the College of Sports Sports Master, which was the subject of emotional discussions in the United States. Arizona war am Donnerstag der mächste a der immer länger werdenden List of the United States Bundestag, die es Transfrauen verbieten, in der High School You are a member of the Teams für Mädchen zu sein. The debate concerns the application of the provisions of the Treaty establishing the European Community. It is relevant for sports activities.

“Transitional measures of conformity”

Thomas was appointed to the Group of Companies, which was not identified as such, and which was included in the list. “It is also described as: Much of the Mann. Much of the Frau, also a member of the Frauen Team.

In the case of the High School, the University of Mannsein has been able to use the staff of the University of the Netherlands and the University of the Netherlands. Bis Thomas aechren Trainern and anderen Menschen davon vergehen noch Monate, aber auch dommu kommt es schließlich. So berichtete es die “Sports Illustrated” Anfang März. What the magazine is about is the first step in the field and is very important.

These include hormone therapy and the use of testosterone in the body. In the case of the Monaten, the former member of the University of the United States at the University College in the field of education. The corona is only used until 2021/2022 in the area of ​​Texas by Thomas Schließlich Mitglied des Frauen-Schwimmteams.

With the exception of the aid scheme

So schnell wie als Mann schwimmt Thomas nicht mehr. In this case, the kraft is exposed to a solid and a regenerative bed. These are all known to the fungus, which are present in the seconds. The College-Schwimm-Welt was not involved in the implementation of the Regulation. After the sieve is 500-yard-free in the form of a mixture, it is necessary to carry out the treatment.

Unfair sei ihre Teilnahme, sagen die Kritiker. We are in the field of human nutrition, but also in the field of animal nutrition. Menschen, Thomas Thomas Spezelle and Transmitters in Allgemic Vertex, argue that the physical markers are not fair, the spontaneous athletes and spontaneous athletes have the potential to be used and have the ability to do so. Training in sports is also possible, especially in the field of sports competitions. Thomas is a member of the Church.

Relative requirements for the transmission of such products to the Group, including sports. These are the same as in the Community. Darum geht es auch Thomas. “For the purposes of the Transcendent and Transparency, such as” the Illustrated “are not included in the” Sports Illustrated “section. “These should not be considered as such and sports.”

Do you accept sports?

Wen akzeptiert der Sport als Teilnehmerin? Dies Frage wurde auch wegen Caster Semenya oft gestellt. The Republic of South Africa is located in Transfrau. The equipment and devices used in the 800-meter Olympic circuit are connected to the ground. The test group is set to testosterone for a period of 400 meters and then reaches the water level. The Court of First Instance ruled in favor of the European Court of Human Rights.

In this case, a large part of the plant was removed from the sea. In 2014, the study was conducted in the presence of a relative of testosterone with a relative testosterone level. These methods are used in the study of the hormone therapy of the transplantation of the monopoly to form a brace, in which the human habitation. This is the best way to ensure that this is done. The data set for the transmission is free of spatial data.

Legal basis Discrimination

The International Olympic Committee shall exercise its powers of action. According to Laurel Hubbard, a member of the Government of Tokyo, the Transfrau and Olympic Games have been adopted in accordance with the principle of non-discrimination, and the Court of First Instance in the field of sports sports. The testosterone group is added to the compound.

The specific application of the test is based on the IOC. The Welt-Schwimmverband (Fina) is responsible for the implementation of the balance sheet, including the balance sheet and the balance sheet.

Was around the College-Ebene towing pass, a jug for Lia Thomas zukünftig bedeutsam sein. After this, a maximum of 500 yards was reached at a distance of up to 200 yards and a maximum of 100 yards. “If we do not have the right to use such products, they may not be used in the production of sports”. The Qualifications for the Olympics 2024 in Paris are based on the Möglichen. “I am able to use the water and the water supply, as well as the water.”

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