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The Apple TV + will run this sport. “They Call Me Magic”, “The Long Game”, “Make or Break” and “Greatness Code” are the most interesting sports games in the Sport-Doku series in Pipeline. The company will not be able to use the sport, but it will be possible to use the back of the chair. Als Vorgeschmack is also a member of the Trailer, which is a sporting program. The start of the freebie in the USA “Friday Night Baseball” in MLB, we saw Apple’s transfer for the overhaul of the hat.

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Sport-Dokus auf Apple TV +

The application of the Sport-Lineup will have the potential to improve the performance of the equipment, the training, the training and the personal performance of the sports equipment. These games include Apple Basketball, Skateboard, Surf Sports and more. The work of the sport was performed by Magic Johnson, Leticia Bufoni, Marcus Rashford and, to that end, was used extensively. Einen Vorgeschmack gibt ein neuer Trailer:


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For use in the Sport Dock:

The Long Game

In the case of the Doku series, the NBA handbook, which is included in the list, will be used in the hand. Makur Maker war ein Fünf-Sterne-NBA-Kandidat a dem dem Weg zum Draft – bis ihn eer warteter Umweg an die Howard University führte. The Doku-Series is made by the manufacturer and the owner of the product, which is used as part of a family building.

Greatness Code

In this case, the staff will be able to take part in the Mini-Episodes, and they will not be able to spend time in their careers. For the International Sports Championships, the staff of the staff member was LeBron James (NBA-MVP green champion, NBA champion and Olympic gold medal winner), Tom Brady (Super-Bowl champion champion and MVP green champion). ), Alex Morgan (Olympic Gold Medal Winner and Co-Captain of the US Frauenfussball-Nationalmannschaft) and more.

They Call Me Magic

For Apple TV + Series, Earvin “Magic” Johnson has been involved in the development and distribution of the archives and interviews with Johnson, Freunden, Families and Colleges. However, the diagnosis of HIV is confirmed in the art of triumphing and is the result of an overdose of the transfusion of the compound to be used. In addition, the Sports Superstar for Business-Titan, the new company for the athletic team.

Make or Break

The second round of the World Cup Surfing Championship Tournament won the World Championship Tour in the World Championship. It is possible to enter the series of journeys with a trip to the Surf Locations around the globe. With the exception of the 11-faceted Weltmeister and the 56-faceted career career Kelly Slater, she is a member of the Weltmeister Stephanie Gilmore and the Weltmeister Gabriel Medina.

Friday Night Baseball on Apple TV +

Während des “Peek Performance” -Events kündigte Apple an, dass „Friday Night Baseball“ on Apple TV + kommen wird. For the purposes of the MLB Games, the relevant measures have not yet been adopted until the end of the transfer period.

Apple and MLB are available as a double-headed live channel and are also available to fans in the West for exclusive access to Apple TV +. Germany is not allowed in the country, and the “Friday Night Baseball” can be seen on the wall.

“Friday Night Baseball” will take place on April 8 with the start of New York Forest in the Washington Nationals and the Houston Astros on the Los Angeles Angels. “Friday Night Baseball” will feature live shows and games on Apple TV + in the United States, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Japan, Mexico, Puerto Rico, South Korea and the United Kingdom. ist, verfügbar sein. For the purposes of this Regulation, the provisions of this Article apply.

Laut Apple is a member of the Freedom Management Agency with Melanie Newman (Play-by-Play), Chris Young (Analyst), Hannah Keyser (Analystin) and Brooke Fletcher (Reporter) for Spiel der New York. . Stephen Nelson (Play-by-Play), Hunter Pence (Analyst), Katie Nolan (Analystin) and Heidi Watney (Reporter) photos of the Team, the Spiel zwischen den Houston Astros und den Los Angeles Angels um 21:30 Uhr ET begleiten wird. The comments on the comments were submitted in May.

Baseball fans in the United States and Canada are offered a new 24/7 live program with MLB games, highlights, highlights, classic games and more geniuses.

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