Altensteig Music School: Results of the Benefit Concert in Ukraine – Altensteig & Surroundings

The single cellist of the evening, Maximilian Krumrey, resolves his work. Photo: Kosowsska-Németh

Soloists and ensembles of the Altensteig Music School have a benefit concert at the city church for the war-torn Ukraine. Within the shortest time, the actuaries have a good program of their choice.

Altensteig – “Benefiz heißt auf Deutsch› Gutes tun ‹.” With its short and short history, the parish priest Sabine Lüdtke has the most well-established event in the Altensteiger Stadtkirche.

On the Solidarity Front with the people of Ukraine, the music school also fails. The Teaching College and the School of Economics are dedicated to the preface of the Piano Teacher Johannes Spyrka, and the short time is set for a good program for a benefit concert at the Beine.

The Bach fugue is completed as soon as possible

In the opening, possibly a lot of money to collect, play the student and teacher’s hand in hand with large sorghum and concentration. After a fiery fugue by Johann Sebastian Bach (on the Rohlf organ: Johannes Spyrka) and on the “Streichhölzer” string orchestra, the “Ode an die Freude” began a reign of the block flute ensemble.

Johanna Keppler and Milla Kübler present the piano and trumpet in the Renaissance miniature style, and Emilia Hammann and Luisa Schwab are also present in a popular duo from the music hall. The spring theme from “Die vier Jahreszeiten” by Antonio Vivaldi is also a humorous piece of the French Flötisten Jacques-Christophe Naudot from the 18th anniversary of Rosa Letscher and Laura Letscher. The above-mentioned longing of Isabella Chizzola’s conclusion with a contrasting Baroque sonata of the block flute series is possible.

Griegs “Gnom” is an interesting production

Like other pianists, Raphael Rath must have played the piano with the dumbfound and the trunk of his piece is. The beginner Nils Ziegler can be found in two of the classic themes, and the other Kareem Atamneh chooses from the instrument all possible possibilities and makes the “Gnome” by Edward Grieg for an interesting production.

Von dem osterreichischen komponisten der Gegenwart Peter Horton stammte die anspruchsvolle “Toccata for a wild old Lady”, der Kim Alber im Gitarren-Duo mit ihrem Lehrer Thomas Früchtl einen spanisch-sehnsüchtigen Charakter verlieh. Fruchtl beetiligte sich auch an dem Gitarrenspiel von Lara Frey und Elena Dengler, und im kleinen Ensemble boten sie dem Publikum das einnehmende Klangbild sove eine niveauvolle Unterhaltung.

Block float assembly set end point

The adherent Geiger Julian Adam plays a short song in the reading of the young pianist Jana Adam, and a little more famous, then the famous Lene Barth (am Klavier Regine Barth), the publicist with a kind of, rhythmic concrete. Einen ernsten Eindruck hingegen machte Micha Zahn mit seiner jugendlichen Auffassung des “Adagio” aus dem Violinkonzert E-Dur von Johann Sebastian Bach.

Resolute works of the single Cellist of this evening, Maximilian Krumrey, and in his most popular translation of his instrumental facts can be found under Beweis.

The last program item shows the outline of the block of flutes with Tanja Stehle, Susanne Stehle, Deborah Mattes and Christoph Böhringer. The Baroque Allegro features a subtle soundtrack, a unique combination of games and technical security.

Upper end connection

An excellent conclusion was made to the public for all interested artists, then the music teacher Jasmin Schmid was at the table, her teachers and others were also evangelical members for their commitment to faith. Wie Thorsten Früchtl insurdhert, werde der Spendenerlös an die Deutsche Humanitäre Hilfe Nagold in Spielberg gehen und wieiter in die Ukraine geleitet.


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