Alpine lässt Lots of points: A522 gutmütiges Auto

GP Australien 2022

Alpine hat dastschnellste Auto im Feld. The French are slow to pick up the item. Fernando Alonso has been a member of the GP Australia and has been involved in risk management and risk management.

Da war mehr drin. Viel mehr. Fernando Alonso had the speed to start the race. It is recommended that the starting area be closed. In the case of the Q3 roundtable spanier of the two sectors of the right-hand side, it is set at Kurve 11 in the Reifenstapel rutschte. Alonso vermutete einen Hydraulikschaden, weil sein Getriebe im vierten Gang steckengeblieben war.

This type of defective equipment is used in the manufacture of engines for the Austrian industry. Bei Schwankungen im Öldruck geht der Motor motor in ela Notlauf and wird vot Getriebe getrennt. Damit konnte der Fahrer runterschalten wie er wollte. The last brake on the engine is not used.

The quarrying of the starting area. The implementation of this alternative strategy is based on the above. The plan is based on the reins, the tempo of the machine, if the competition in the medium is completed, until the end of the year with the shortcut in the hand.

The safety of the car has been determined. I have. 15 The start-up of the headlamp is very good. I was at risk, and the company was responsible for the safety of the car in Melbourne.


The alpine with the A522 is only suitable for use.

Alpine with water defects

The medium is free from the medium. It is located in the DRS area and is located in the Albert Park. If the end of the block structure is crossed, the alpine derivative is used. I passed all that was in Ferrari and Mercedes wider range. The links form and bear the rubber of the rubber.

Alonso wechselte ewe zweites Mal auf Medium, um wenigstens noch Jagd a schnellste Runde zu machen. This is the case. Charles Leclerc unterbot sie um sechs Zehntel, was zeigt, wie stark dieser Ferrari ist. In this case, the best conditions are met, as well as the alpine in the field. The A522 is only suitable for cars in Germany. In addition, 22 points are added. 20 davon gehen auf das Konto von Esteban Ocon.

Alpine-Chef Laurent Rossi fordert: “The car is a car that has a special function. besser werden. “

In Bahrain, the Weltmeister with the same name was granted. The vehicle was treated with water, and water was used. The engine is designed to be equipped with a system that can be used. This is because Triebwerk in Jeddah. Da brach der Antrieb der Wasserpumpe. Das Triebwerk starb an einem Hitzekollaps.

Esteban Ocon - Alpine - GP Australien 2022 - Melbourne


Esteban Ocon kam zum dritten Mal in die Punkte. Team colleague Fernando Alonso was born in the world.

Gegen einen Inflationszuschlag

The Alpine is an automotive vehicle that has a high quality. This is the aerodynamic concept of the Red Bull, which is the result of a new air vehicle in Mercedes. The aerodynamics are fast so that Ferrari can be used in the spectrum of the bodywork, which is the main purpose. Bouncing ist kein großes Thema. For certain purposes: The vehicle is fitted with a separate head. Ocon is used as the first refining service, and Alonso undergoes a graining process with a weak medium.

Alpine will be used for the purpose of driving the car, but we will be able to use the power supply, and the package will be replaced. The A522 is shown below. Rossi stated: “It is necessary to provide a basis for the implementation of the Directive.”

For this purpose, the Alpine Group and the Alpine Fund shall be accompanied by a budget for the purpose of the budget. Sieben Teams has been involved in the implementation of the Inflationary Fund for September 2021. “Regeln sind Regeln,” beharrt Rossi. “This is the concept that the Budgetary Strategy is based on. In the first instance, it is very interesting that we do not have the right to use the car in the car.”

Wohin mit Piastri?

Alpine is equipped with the use of the same type of vehicle. “Wenn es wirklich nur um gestiegene Frachtkosten geht, dann müsste man sicherstellen, dass ein zuschuss ausschließlich dafür verrendet wird”, schlägt Rossi vor.

As the Fahrern has an Alpine problem, it is not possible to use the powder powder. Wohin mit Supertalent Oscar Piastri, wenn Alonso weiter so gut fährt? This is done with the aid. Alonso ist aberim Moment um drei Zehntel schneller als wall joir Teamkollege, and will be set up for the first time, and will be left behind. The 40-year Veteran is also present at the end of the year, according to the words: “It will be the same as in the case of Formula 1.


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