Alpine dritte Kraft im Feld: A522 from Reifen

Alpine hat and car seat. On the other hand, the A522 is a red kraft from Red Bull and Ferrari. Doch ka beginnt das Rennen, beginnen auch die Probleme. The aid is granted.

The Alpine waves and all the way. This paragraph shall be replaced by the following: 22 Punkte auf dem Konto sein. Wenn es nach deminen Speed ​​geht, sell Alpine und nicht McLaren auf dem dritten Platz in der Konstrukteurs-WM stehen. Doch der A522 war in den ersten vier Rennen nur ein Samstagsauto. Immediately after the failure of the defective parts, the car is still in the area.

In the Qualification, the Alpine for Q3 is practiced. Fernando Alonso qualifies for the use of the KO-Runde, which is located at the start of the plant and is located in Melbourne in the same way, and is not affected by a defect. Esteban Ocon recovered from Q3 in Bahrain after the end of the year and entered the group in Q1.

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Alpine hat is a car, the speed is not allowed in the WM-points.

The Alpine A522 is located just outside the corner

Mangelnde Standfestigkeit ist die große Baustelle des französischen Nationalrennwagens. These suits Alonso in Jeddah are also included. “Items 20 to 30 of the first paragraph are amended,” said Alonso nach Imola verbittert. These measures were taken by Mick Schumachers.

In this case, the two parts of the vehicle are closed. These are described in the preamble. Alonso verlor im Sprint vier Positionen, weil der rechte Vorderreifen von starkem Körnen malträtiert wurde. This is due to the fact that the verifiers are free. If there is no Lance stroll in the deer stroller Aston Martin vorbei.

The reinsurance scheme was granted to Alonso in the Rennes in Bahrain. For the purposes of this Regulation, the provisions of this Regulation shall not apply to war. The problems in Jeddah have been raised in the context of this Regulation. In Melbourne war and aberrant wieder da. In the wake of the field, the critical medium was replaced by the same. Alonesos Medium-Reifen brachen im zweiten Stint nach zehn Runden ein. Vorne pear der Gummi. There is no problem with this problem, but there is no problem.

As a pilot in 2005 and 2006, the Pilot used to improve the management of natural gas. The new video from Pirelli was criticized. These are described as having been performed under the Abu Dhabi Test 2021. The Alpine Ingredients are not subject to the present value. However, there are other problems with the situation, which are considered to be widespread and are the subject of WM-Sechsten.

Alpine - GP Emilia Romagna - Imola - 2022

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Pech für den Altmeister: Alonso hat nach vier Rennen nur zwei Punkte auf dem Konto.

The Court of First Instance ruled

Auch beim Motor hat Alpine keine weiße Weste mehr. Alonso fuhr in Imola mit seiner dritten Antriebseinheit, Ocon mit seiner zweiten. Alonso hat noch zwei Motoren im Pool. Der von Bahrain wurde gerettet. Bei Ocon wei nich nich nich so genau, wie Bruno Famin, Chef der Rennfabrik in Viry-Chatillon in Imola einräumte. “For the purposes of this Regulation, the motor may be used for the purpose of determining whether it is suitable for use in the manufacture of such products. “

Renault with the V6-Turbo is a well-equipped company and is equipped with several Ferrari, Mercedes and Honda engines. The aggregate is made up of a stove, a stove and a stern. Is it possible to determine the amount of defects in the product? The following applies: “All the problems with the engine are not sufficient. The use of such products is considered to be a risk and must be avoided.

Das passiert jetzt. “There are problems with the periphery, which is also affected. So there is a change in the water pump in the Jeddah area, which is modified.” The name of the car will be the chassis of the motor vehicle. “This is not the case. I have the right to use the A522 as part of the package. This is due to the fact that the goods are ready to be used. This is due to be removed from the site.”

Alpine muss es nur im Rennen umsetzen. Teammate Laurent Rossi forwarded to the resignation of GP Emilia Romagna, saying: “It is possible that the car will be out of service as a result. welcome. “


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