Alpine A522: Mix of Red Bull and Mercedes

GP Bahrain 2022

The alpine hat rises here. Beide Fahrer holten beim Saisonstart in Bahrain Punkte. The French Rennstall stieg mit einem besseren Auto in die Saison ein als 2021. Er muss aber auch ein Problem lösen. The rejection is determined to be complete.

Zahlen lügen nicht. We travel to the Alpine with zero points and are just outside Bahrain. The French National War on the Speed ​​of the Kraft. This is the case and the motor vehicle. In addition, the air conditioning in the Alpine Garage is free of charge.

Fernando Alonso is in the state of Bahrain in the Qualifications in the Top Ten. Esteban Ocon recovered Q3 to 0.065 Seconds. The other side is fresh from Satz Soft for Rennen. Und to the end of the WM-Punkte. What is the name of the Alpine after we reach the Stammplatz square.

These are the same as in the case of Ferrari, Red Bull and Mercedes. Nuller tun doppelt weh. “We are right in front of the dots. We are still in charge of the baby,” said Alpine Chef Laurent Rossi.

The name of the company is as follows: “The speed is set at speed.

The alpine camp is all over Manko. The A522 is located in Reifen. Haas, Alfa Romeo und Alpha Tauri sind im Renntrim schneller. “We have been involved in the re-operation. We have been able to stop the operation. We have been able to use this test.” It is now part of the A522 with the Seitenkästen. The costume is in Zehntel.


Am Reifenverschleiß muss Alpine noch arbeiten. This is the case.

Seven wien Red Bull

The Alpine A522 is suitable for a large blade from Biedermann. It is not available. “The concept of Red Bull and Mercedes”, stellt Rossi fest. The form of the seven-way rack with a solid shape and a ramp with a special red Bull. The goods are sold by Mercedes.

In the theory of the above, the results of the work of the seven-dimensional process are described above. Rossi freut sich: “Wen haben for the Rennen is an alternative to the redundancy of the Red Bull with the Upgrade and is an independent expression.”

The vehicle is equipped with air conditioning. It is possible to obtain the same conditions as in the case of the production of the bleaching plant. The Alpine is not limited to the limit. Das ginge noch schlanker.

The device is designed to be mechanically attached to the engine, for example, “The vehicle is equipped with a motor, which is not suitable for use.”

The new Renault V6-Turbo and the electric power harness are also available. “Wir sind jetzt bei der Musik”, freut sich Rossi. Other than Ferrari-Niveau, with Mercedes and Honda above. We also have a car, such as Renault.

We still have a high speed of 40 PS. The hybrids of the hybrid medium are used for the production of viruses. “An electric power supply may be used in connection with the operation of the air.”

Esteban Ocon - GP Bahrain 2022


Alonso war im Qualifying schneller, Ocon kam über die Distanz im Rennen besser zurecht.

Mehr Potential for Entity

Drei Jahre lang verteetigte der Rennstall aus Enstone hartnäckig seinen fünften Platz. In the case of Alpine, this is the case and the rules are set out above. What is known as the French aberrant above the square. Some of them are Ferrari-Kunden and Red Bulls Schwesterteam vorbei.

Derived from Alfa Romeo, it is not self-contained. In the case of a mountain and an alpine forest, the alpine forest is a large area. We have been involved in the work of the Teams, so that they can be used as part of the process. “Redundancies with cars from Red Bull and Mercedes can be used to reduce the number of cars.”


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