“Alle sechs Stunden kam ein neues Tier”: Karlsruher Heim nimmt Tiere von Geflüchteten auf – und ist an der Belastungsgrenze

The situation is based on the following information about the following: Fluchtende from Ukraine must be included in the inventory of their pets, while the animals are still heavier. In addition to the Karlsruher animal husbandry, this problem is a problem.

A description of the protection of infectious diseases, that of animals, which is outside the EU, is based on implications, is overlaid and covered in quarantine muses – toll blood and other infectious diseases. Nun, wo Zehntausende von Menschen ihre Heimat aufgrund des Ukraine-Krieges verlassen mussten, um ins Asyl z fliehen, bedeutet das für einige einen Abschied von ihren geliebten Tieren am Ende des Fluchtweges.

What a wonderful place to live in Tier as a man, as well as in the old town, is also a guide for the animal husbandry to a limited translation – so it is in the home of Karlsruher Tierschutzvereins. “Animals are not allowed to live in any of the undertakings, they are in a position to be normal in the event of the establishment,” said Stephanie Keil, Leiterin des Tierheims, in a conversation with ka-news.de. An introduction, the Karlsruhe district presidium has been approved.

Stephanie Keil, Member of the Tierschutzvereins Karlsruhe und Umgebung eV

Stephanie Keil, Member of the Tierschutzvereins Karlsruhe und Umgebung eV and Leiterin des dortigen Tierheims. | Picture: Tierschutzverein Karlsruhe und Umgebung

“If you are not allowed, you will be allowed to live in the first place you live in the country, you will be able to find out if you are a landlord or your family. Dogs and cats. The ring is just not dramatic, it has a huge organizational background. “

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