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Matthias Laug stellte im Gemeinderat die Vorplanung vor. Photo: Eyrich

You don’t have to worry about it being overhauled, but it does not work, and it is very important, then you have to plan the details of reactivation of the lifting track of interest. A choice.

Albstadt-Tailfingen – The plan is made by Matthias Laug, Planner of DB Engineering & Consulting GmbH, in June. The railway line, which is located in the Albstadt municipality at the Donnerstagabend, is 8.2 kilometers long. , in the Truchtelfinger Ortsmitte, on the height of the Zollernalbhalle, am Tailfinger Bahnhof, in the Landhausstraße and under the dormitory of the Schumzentrums Lammerberg.

Naturally, all of the railway stations of the Planners’ Office in Anspruch – Ebingen are open, but the Provisorium has been opened and many of the connections at the Zollernbahn have been established, butt-keeping and painting is being carried out.

Two variants for provisional end station

Exposed to the existing routes is one of them. In Ebingen, the railway station is located in the Zollern railway; in direct connection to Tübingen lies their sound charm. Allergies are made directly to the direct connection with the following: The reactivation of the tramline must be possible, but only financed by the country; The use of Gleichschritt with the Zollernbahn, as well as the substantial largest project, also costs more time. The Talbahnbahn wird deshalb vorerst nicht nur eine, sondern zwei Endstationen haben, neben der in Onstmettingen auch eine Ebingen.

There are two planning options in the north of the post-road for men, the other side of the street, which is also close to the main railway station and the existing railway station.

The northern variants are that the railway line is a whore and the railway station is 120 meters long.

The overall railway station is in the new year; it is still not clear, but the railway building is still standing.

Extension in Onstmettingen?

Theoretically, we also look at the onstmetting railway station. Here, on the north lane, there are two or three of the Neblegleis with prellbock, for example, a night of parking; according to the additional salary, the Abris des Bahnhofs can be found.

Underground services are also available, the train station is also a couple of meters to reach, but the center of the train can be closed – the train station can be reached and is very suitable for tourists and tourists.

The train stations in Tailfingen and Truchtelfingen are not in the road, open to the public. Here, the planning schedule is provided, “similar directions” in the railway traffic are possible: Sowing in Tailfingen as well as in truchtelfingen will be possible on the track; In addition to being a technician for a two-way tour, only a cross-country train is available, but also on the Talbahnbahn, you can come to the rescue and make a second cross-border option. The railways are 120 meters long – possible with the option, up to 140 meters -; In the railway station we have to read the following “Durchrutschwege” from the following lengths: The distance between the signal and the other must be determined by the fact that the Bremsweg is out – it is up to the north of the north of the north. , weil die Strecke ja ein beträchtliches Gefälle hat.

In Tailfingen, the south, in Truchtelfingen, can be used as a guide, so that the two-way lane cutter extends from the minimum stand to 360 meters.

Railway tow truck

From the railway station, the owners are not allowed to do so. Outside of the staff stands, the passages of the tow trucks to the beach are located, and the permitted laundry is provided. The Ebinger Mühle-steigstraße is only in the direction of the north, the Tailfinger Landhausstraße only in the direction of the south pass, while it is possible to be able to do it. stand. The fatal one – I know you can do it right. All information is available on the number of satellite tractors on the Mühlesteig- and the Landhausstraße in Grenzen.

An interesting casus is also on the Bogenstraße – as its location, the connection between the remaining residents and the Bitzer Steige is planted, but it is always possible to get used to it, the railway line is closed, and the road is closed. Now it will be used again – the highest amount is around 1.30 meters. Technically, it is possible – the train must be connected to a cooler.


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