Albstadt-Sigmaringen University of Applied Sciences: Study for the Bundesweit on Spitzenplätzen – Albstadt & Umgebung

The students of the Albstadt-Sigmaringen University of Applied Sciences at the current CHE rankings are very good. Photo: Corinth

The study Bioanalyst is located at the young CHE-Ranking in the area of ​​Natural Sciences under all 174 high schools in Germany on a square.

Albstadt / Sigmaringen. The Albstadt-Sigmaringen University of Applied Sciences is currently one of the high school centers for high school education (CHE) in many categories. The evaluated professional faculties of the Faculties of Life Sciences and Engineering are all well-informed, and the Bachelor’s degree in Bioanalytics is located in the area of ​​the Natural Sciences under all 174 high schools in Germany on the site.

Evaluated in this year the study of mechanical engineering, textile and clothing technology, sustainable engineering and work and process technology of the Faculty of Engineering in Albstadt and bioanalytics, pharmaceutical technology, food medicine and health care sciences and biology. Spitzennoten ereichten die Studiengänge fast durchweg in den Kategorien Laborpraktika und Unterstützung im Studium.

Good sound in digital teaching

Teachers are well acquainted with the high school and in the area of ​​digital education, they are massively trained in professional years. “In our structure and development plan, we have digitized the teaching of a year before learning as an opportunity to learn about the focus of focus,” said Rector Ingeborg Mühldorfer. “We consider the possibilities in this area as new didactic elements, which the present naturally does not have.” The ranked ranking results are in the form of, “the digital format should be entered without any sinks.”

Dual study offers are in full trend

The students’ evaluations of the study activities are based on the category of room equipment, accommodation in the studio and on the job offers for positive orientation. The study of bioanalytics is in the field of applied natural sciences under all 174 high schools in Germany next to the square. “Das ist schon ein wirklich herausragendes Ergebnis,” said Studiendekan Thole Züchner. “The study group is in the 13 categories in the top group.”

Central Zukunftsthemen

The high school has a new year of study, and it is a central place of interest, said Clemens Möller, Vice Rector. “Our strategies, these studies with high practice and in a personal atmosphere, we will always be able to learn from the students – that freut is a natural source.” According to Andreas Schmid, Dean of the Faculty of Life Sciences, he said: “This is a great opportunity for our work, our students to study the practical skills and the offer of training and flexibility of studies, so we can see.”

In this category in the top group

“We will be happy, that our studies in many categories will always be evaluated,” commented Hans-Joachim Illgner, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering. . Dual zu studieren, liege definitiv im Trend, “auch hier können wir mit unserem Angebot offensichtlich auf ganzer Linie überzeugen”.

Like the CHE high school rankings

In CHE-Hochschulranking we will be able to study the facts as well as facts about teaching and research. It is surrounded by 120,000 students and more than 300 undergraduate universities and high schools and the Academy of Fine Arts and the most detailed and detailed high school in the German-speaking world. The “time” -Student guide 2022/23 is for 9.95 Euro in the trade available. The full-scale CHE high school diploma is also available for digital:


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