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In the conversation: Hochschulrektorin Ingeborg Mühldorfer with Olaf Baldauf, Ulrike Weiss and Albert Sauter von der Denkfabrik Zollernalb. Photo: Corinth

The engineer is widely used

Albstadt / Sigmaringen – Tage der Technik oder openen Tür hat es an der Hochschule Albstadt-Sigmaringen schon seit längerem nicht mehr gegeben – coronabedingt. Doch für Werbung in eigenner Sache gilt das Gleiche wie für den Lehrbetrieb – ist Präsenz nicht nígmich, darf man die Hände nicht nin den Schoß legen – dann muss es online gehen.

In the live stream of the Hochschule and the Zollernalb dormitory factory, the undergraduate, politician, doctor, graduate student and student of the community are all selected, as young men for a study at the Faculty of Engineering to be trained.

“We don’t care about the innovation power”

Why is it so important? Albert Sauter, a member of the Energy and Food Industry Association, will be able to live in the energy and energy industry, and Olaf Baldauf will be the leader of the live stream. Minister of Economics Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut and Hans-Joachim Illgner, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, are present at: Germany lives on its knowledge and its innovation power in the field of engineering sciences. “We have to pass, but we don’t know this power,” he said. And not only in the interests of the market economy, but also in the future of the plantation plan: “Our future conditions are not limited to engineering.” Egal, ob es um nachhaltige Produktion, regenerative Energien oder Elektromobilität gehe: “Hier wird eine enorme Menge Ingenieurdienstleistungen erforderlich se se.”

The high school is of course

Mithin auch Ingenieure – doch die muss man erst einmal ausbilden. Jochen Bitzer von der Firma Gühring was fully responsible for the concept of the Combined Studio, which is a young man, and in the middle of the year he also taught a bachelor’s degree in a bachelor’s degree. Also, in the area of ​​innovation, the contact for the Gold School is: “We are about 20 years old in 3D modeling – in this area we will be able to read the school very much as well.”

Florian Mey, managing director of the famous Lautlinger laundromat, can only be advised. .

The politician is well informed. “We will be able to keep our air conditioners, we will be able to find them, we will be able to live a good standard of living, and the world will be as white as pears,” said Robin Mesarosch, SPD member of the Bundestag. “Und das müssen Ingenieure tun.” Thomas Bareiß, of the CDU College, said: “He can really do something.”

Practically a job guarantee

Doch was sagen jene, die es betrifft? Studying and graduating students in the discussion of the practice of studying at the Albstadt-Sigmaringen University of Applied Sciences, which does not include the job search is possible. “Man hat oft whhon während des Studiums einen Betrieb hinter sich – das gibt natürlich Sicherheit”, sagt Tim Eberhardt, der ein Kombistudium im Fach Maschinenbau mit Assa Abloy als Kooperationspartner absolviert. “Thanks to our commitment to the economy, we can practically offer a job guarantee,” said Matthias Premer, Vice-Rector for Research. The co-operation possibilities with the high school are based on the conclusion of the project and project work on the basis of additional agreements to the services of the Ministry of Education and Science. You just have to worry.

Also in Ausland

In addition to the young and young people, it was possible for them to say: “We still have to watch as many as we can, we can use it, we can know something about it and we have a welcome friend.” At the end of the day, you will be able to do so, but you will be able to use the professional language as well as the available study numbers. Michael Vössing von IHK Reutlingen compfahl, auch stürker auf ausländische Studierende zuzugehen, Francois Fastner von der Albstädter Werbeagentur C2 schlug die Grunduzen einer gemeinnützigen Stiftung vor All students from East Europe, Asia and Africa are invited to Albstadt. The top two life streams are on the YouTube channel “Denkfabrik Zollernalb”.


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