Albstadt hilft Flüchtlingen: From Ukraine in open arms – Albstadt & Umgebung

“Overwhelmed” by the resonant potential helper is Oberbürgermeister Klaus Konzelmann (right) and Bürgermeister Steve Mall. Photo: Eyrich

It is very interesting that the staff of the Albstadt, Menschen to help, the front in the war in Ukraine is covered, and you are also in favor of the Andrang at the same time. At the end: No question more.

Albstadt-Ebingen – “Oberbältigt” is also the Oberbürgermeister Klaus Konzelmann as well as Bürgermeister Steve Mall and Markus Münch, Leiter des Amtes für Familie, Bildung, Sport und Soziales. Irgendwie.

Ukrainian students at six schools

Around this information station in the festival hall, the Munich district is also organized by the Children’s and Youth Bureau, and the potential guests have a job – at a time point, there are 150 Ukrainian flights in Albstadt. In addition to the care of children in Kitas and Schulen, the highest priority is given to concrete, concrete, and that the team cooperates with the well-known school leaders Bärbel Göttling-Lebherz and the State School of Education. In one of the schools – Kirchgraben-, Luther-, Schiller- and Eyachquell-Grundschule sowie Hohenberg- and Walther-Groz-Schule – werden klassen für Ukrainer eingerichtet und dafür Lehrkräfte – auch pensiente – gešucht. The help will be used in the school social work, and the knowledge of the Ukrainian language will be welcomed, but there is no background.

The daily allowance is covered

For children, there are two playgroups in the school at the Summer Hall in Truchtelfingen. Great Munich is a private destination for most Ukrainians. Doch nun brauchen sie Alltagshilfe bei Behördengängen, Arztbesuchen und Ähnlichem. Also, the people with their leisure time are welcome. In all the work of the city, with the Landkreis, the Church, the Caritas, the Deaconry and Freemasons for Social Welfare, we are together.

TSV Ebingen stipulates an idea

Vorsitzender Hartmut Rall und der TSV Ebingen wollen zusammen mit anderen Vereinen Sport- und Leisure activities for the Ukrainians organize and work on an Info-Foldblatt. He appealed to the Gleichgesinnte, sich zu melden. “We collect sports items, we want to organize events,” said Rall. Herbert Mayer, a psychologist at Brotberuf, has organized a joint project with Ukrainian and Russian children.

Heider: Schon Ukrainian primary school students speak English

For language courses, Munich is closed to the public high school, as well as Manuela Heider’s reports, as well as children from the English primary school. The father is also a Ukrainian, with whom I am a man, and a cooperation with the state-owned company Telenorma reports, and Ukraine is available for work. You are free, but the Job Employee is at your disposal, and you are a member of the Internet site, which is one of the qualifying jobs.

Work area Asyl: Also on the helper

Pfarrer Markus Gneiting vom Arbeitskreis Asyl appealed to Munich, but the administration of the Ehrenamtlichen is not to be missed – the value of halte is at the bar.

The most important questions of Munich and its team in the dialogue with the visitors:

Are you confident?

Yes, they are over the city. You will be able to protect your protection, and you will be able to pay for the insurance of the city, as well as your protection.

Müssen Helfer Qualifications next?

Not sewing. Für einen Einsatz als Lehrkraft oder in der Kita sei es “schön”, so Münch, aber auch “ein großes Herz und eine ruhige Hand” seij vichtig.

How are you happy and safe?

In addition to their registration, they are insured, have an offer of financial support and are, if they are involved in sports, about the Württemberg Landesportbund. In addition, in the Naldo-Bereich area, the ÖPNV needs and works.

How do you register?

Flights, which are located in Albstadt, are located in the apartment – according to previous appointments under Phone 07431 / 160-2222.

Is it a central location?

Not yet. We will help or provide support for the help of the help of the city, the city council, the Caritas or the deacons. In addition to the workforce Asyl hilft – partner partner is Pfarrer Markus Gneiting in Pfeffingen.

What is your living room owner?

If you want to stay, you will find the city or the Zollernal district. On the Internet site of the city we will find on the home page under the “Help for Ukrainian passengers” all important partners and information in detail.


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