Advice on the baby house: Gütenbacher Bürgermeisterin wird Mutter – Furtwangen & Umgebung

Lisa Hengstler has a high-rise home in the Gütenbach district. You are with Engagement, Herz and Verstand Bürgermeisterin. Photo: Kouba

Die Gütenbacher Bürgermeisterin Lisa Hengstler is in August for a baby. Bis dahin will be all supported projects for Elan unpacken and after the Mutterschaftsurlaub in Rathaus zurückkehren, um die geplanten Vorhaben further in die Tat umzusetzen.

Gütenbach – You are a woman in the Black Forest-Baar-Kreis, the mayor of the city: Lisa Hengstler. It is based on their sympathetic art, their open hearts and their positive-realistic orientation.

Birthday is in August

A children’s pool is located in the camp, which is a high house. Since March 2018 it is Rathaus-Chefin. You are well-fed, but every year the Schwangerschaft and Mutterschaftsurlaub are organized. Congratulations to the death of August in August. In the holiday season, you can support the situation, the municipality will be able to leave in the holidays, and handicrafts will be available. You are a child, but you are also a member of the community. The clerk also chooses the message on the “Rathaus-Baby”.

The entertainment is so great, so Lisa Hengstler, and can be heard by their stelvertreter Jörg Markon and Lorenz Wiehl, who are very interested. You plant, possibly until the date of the meeting, you can use it. Yes, you have to keep the right time to work, but you will be able to avoid it.

Extensively consolidated

Als sie vor vier Jahren in ihrem Amt ankam, war sunächst viel Konsolidierungsarbeit zu leisten. Various projects stand. Stellen waren teils nicht besetzt, und Personalwechsel machta die Situation nicht leichter. You have to work together on Sundays. The Kämmerer will be able to get out of the house, and you must be able to keep the house plan. The hall construction and the wide band project are available for new use. There is a lot of intensive work done before the construction of the new community center.

After two years of great pressure. It is necessary to organize and rationalize the need to work. For freude of the municipality it is available for up to 90 percent for the construction work. The possible, “white spots” in the outdoor area are provided, so that there are points of interest in the above-mentioned criteria. Erfreulich war ferner, dass Kabel bis zu den Häusern geführt wurden und von 220 Haushalten nur zwei odre drei Beteiligte nicht mitzogen.

Stolz auf die fünf bestehenden Windräder

Stolz ist Lisa Hengstler auf die fünf bestehenden Windräder, die die Gemeinde autark mit Energie versorgen. “It will be better than used.” At the moment, there are no additional areas for new facilities, and the existing storage plan is available. The generous beaches are all accepted.

Was Lisa Wolber in the focus back, it is the water power that da bislang nur ein privates Werk existiert. The burgher’s master, the photovoltaic system on public buildings from different grounds is not installed on the content. Hoffnung bestet beim Gemeindezentrum auf dem Kinggelände. After the final renovation and renovation, a new Bachmauer can be opened in May 2022 with the construction of the Lachuten. It is estimated that Euro Millions costs 3.2 million Euros.

Naturpark-Markt is on May 15

A sound theme is also at the festival, in the largest events no stattfinden content. It offers a critical atmosphere for the Foyer, but also for public events, entertainment and entertainment, and the Kilwi Fest of the Music Chapel. The lobby for the ever-expanding possibilities is also available at the service of the mayor. Man hat quasi eine neue Halle. Wolber, as a “realistic, practical type”, does not include the eyes and does not have any mistakes, gatherings and sports events under a hut. The plantation is on Sunday, May 15, a nature market with an open event in the hall and an official church hallmark. The event from May to September is open.

It is located in Gütenbach, you can get some ideas and work. An accommodation is available, living room for rent, a family for children and the accommodation structure to change. Thank you for the social station, the new resort is located in the village, and the table is on the kindergarten and the school. Also, the water supply is located in the heart.

Zu ihrer besonderen Situation meint sie: “Die Bürger sollen wissen, dass ich trotz Kind meine Aufgaben ernst nehmen werde. Ich bin Optimist und denke, das man alles gut hinbekommt. . “


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