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Ein Bild aus dem Jahr 2020: Auch Altensteigs Bürgermeister Gerhard Feeß schaute bei den Forschern in der Eichwaldhalle vorbei (Archivbild) Photo: Fritsch

The stands are all cheap. Und doch sind sie alle hochmotviiert, den Regionalwettbewerb Nordschwarzwald von “Jugend forscht” am 17. and 18. Februar in Altensteig durchzuziehen und zu einem Erlebnis zu machen.

Altensteig – For the Altensteigs Bürgermeister Gerhard Feeß and the patentee Petra Rauser is now a week old, that this “youth forge” -Regionalnewettbewerb in their city in this year to the great part of the virtual virtue found. Doch davon lassen sie sich not aus dem Konzept bringen. “We want to be the best,” says Petra Rauser. . According to all interested parties and supporters, the City Council says: “All our virtual and interactive fairgrounds will be a mega-highlight.”

Stables Teilnehmerfeld

Auch Wettbewerbsleiter Klaus Gerlinger did not come from the rest of the world: “We make everything like you forever”, he said. “Only others.” Was the number of people involved in the division, Gerlinger also has no reason to panic, because: In the case of other regional councils, the Crown to the half of the share of the shareholder has, in addition to the war in the Nordschwarzwald to the Black Forest only In 2022, the largest winter competition in Baden-Württemberg was advanced. Published in 79 employees, 32 days ago, was a share of 40.5 percent determined. Damit is located on the Black Forest above the Bundesschnitt.

The youngest is one year old

Fast driving is a part of the category of young foresters (“student experiments”) with 41 parts and other foresters (“young foreigner”) with 38 parts. The youngest Forscherin comes from the primary school in Stammheim: The newcomer Klara Neumann includes the “Sprunghöhe ein selbst gemachten Flummi in Abhängigkeit der Zeit”. The last member of the 19-year-old Chiara Anna Marija Schlomann from the commercial school Tübingen, the research on the topic “Wegwerfkultur – Wie Zigaretten der Umwelt schaden” is created.

What the topic offers, the technique is in front of you, something overwhelmed by the chemistry. In addition to the parts of the school in 13 districts: Altensteig, Balingen, Böblingen, Calw, Dußlingen, Freudenstadt, Herrenberg, Horb, Metzingen, Nagold, Reutlingen, Rosenfeld and Tübingen.

Two Jury groups

This part-timer must be present at the first week of the competition with their experiments on two Jury groups. All the virtual virtual information about the company is “alphabetical” of the available similar software. See also for the public event on February 18, at the interesting meeting between 10 am and 2 pm the Forscher and their virtual experiments can be seen. Also, pay attention to the commitment of the employees, and the guests can choose two of them at “Sieger der Herzen”, the maps for the Europa Park are available.

Great conclusion show

Abstimmen kann man auch in der Abslusss-Show, die in diesem Fall die Feierstunde u einer der Hallen ersetzt. Dafür haben sich die Macher fast schon so etwas wie eine Fernsehshow vorgenommen, die vom Altensteiger Bürgerhaus ins Netz übertragen wird. I don’t want to be the only price to pay. Also a prominent guest will be able to share the show: the graduate meteorologist and television moderator Sven Plöger. Neben einem Grußwort by Rolf Geisel, Chef des Hauptsponsors Boysen, and Gerhard Feeß, soll es Musik aus der Region geben – von Maksim alias Lukas Klein und Pop von “Barfuss”. Dazu kommt – fast schon traditionell – ein Auftritt der Altensteiger Turner.

Greetings from the mayor

The “ingenious genius” is the motto of this year’s youth competition. Ihr als Teilnehmende tüftelt, testet, probiert, forscht, ihr seid neugierig, kreativ und beharrlich. And damit seid ihr eben nicht “zufällig genial” sondern zielorientiert genial. Und das gilt für alle Teilnehmenden am Wettbewerb. Deshalb seid ihr für mich alle Sieger, unabhängig davon welchen Platz ihr belegt.

Employment, engagement and motivation of young people are the guarantor of our country: “School experimentation” and “youth research” for the benefit and interest of these interests in the technical and natural sciences area.

In our society, the importance of education and research must be as strong as possible. It is located in Hinblick on the demographic development of a large area in Germany. “Jugend forscht” ist dazu eine wichtige Plattform.

Our main sponsor, the company Boysen, is a world leader in innovation in the environmental technology of waste cleaning. Due to the extensive engagement of the Boysen company, it is possible that the competition in the Nordschwarzwald region is interchangeable between the town of Altensteig and the town of Nagold. Paying much for the old companies from the business, the handicraft and the trade for this competition is filled with their own sponsorship. They all thank you for the heart of this valuable support.

On the basis of the framework, we have to go through a virtual competition. This is a unique event, but the experience in the present day is a little new in the English experience, it is very personal and well-preserved! Underwritten news about the virtual competition on our own, our ideas and presentations digitally updated and presented. Allein das ist u unserer digital geprägten Lebenswelt durchaus auch ein mehrwert.

I feel free, that we are at the 24th Regional Council of the Black Forest Youth for the sake of virtual in the Altensteig to experience and greet you / Euch all at your heart!

Gerhard Feeß,

Bürgermeister der Stadt Altensteig

Share with “Alphaview”

The meeting of the “Alfaview” video conferencing platform is of interest on February 18. Make a picture of the individual research projects. Dabei will be able to use audio and video streams again. Alphabetical version of the data according to current standards (TLS / AES256).

Instructions for visiting the project on February 18, from 10 am to 2 pm:

1. Open the website

2. and from the north (or about the third link App (and – Google Play Store)) the appropriate version of the alien view-client client will be installed and installed on this website. Create your own account! .

3. The trade brochures on open, then. In the list of pages on pages 5 to 7 or on pages 28 to 80 on the “Name” of the projects, click, be interested and give the room space and the “virtual space structure” of the regional council “Jugend forscht” Nordschwarzwald.

4. Ob ein Raum gerade “belegt” ist, sieht man an der aktuellen Nutzerzahl (links od rechts) im Kreis.

Lots to save on “projects” and try them out!


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