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Solemar was born in 1987 and is now 35 years old. Photo: Kienzler / Archiv

The salt deck is located in Bad Dürrheim, under an apartment with a “Sole Adventure Day”. Dabei offers good luck, guides and more.

Bad Dürrheim – 1822 stands in the Hindenburg Park in 114 meters away on a salt deposit “of reasonable quality”. The salt roof and saltworks at Bad Dürrheim are well maintained and well maintained. So we are the tourist area of ​​the city, the Solemar, until today from a solo destination. Also on the 200th anniversary of the Salzauffindung in Bad Dürrheim opened on Sunday, April 10, the complete equipment of the Solemar Wellness and Health Center from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. under the motto “Sole Erlebnistag” die Pforten.

The visitors will receive a riot and a comprehensive program. The duo Timme from Stuttgart serves live music for entertainment. Passend zum Jubiläum werden kostenlose historische Stadtführungen angeboten, die Siedergilde der Narrenzunft prsesentiert das istorische Handwerk des Salzsiedens.

Many program points

Various offers are possible with a single view from the backstage of the Solemar Wellness and Health Center, the free range of Kur und Bäder GmbH Bad Dürrheim. Beispielsweise bietet die Kurgärtnerei Kurparkführungen an. It can be found in the Deco Flohmarkt.

Neighborhoods from the Grill der Solemar-Gastronomie offer a variety of courses at the Kurhauses Maultaschenvariationen an. There is also a coffee and cooking offer in the “Fitness in Solemar”. Das ist aber noch nicht alles, teilt der Veranstalter mit. The first “12 for 10-action” starts this year. From 10 to 24 April you can buy tickets for the prices of thermal baths, sauna, fitness and all-salt sea buns.

On the other hand, the Bad Dürrheimer Einwohner can be seen on the Einwohner Special. The opening hours of the Solemar event on Sunday in Bad Dürrheim include all persons from the 17-hour free entrance to the Solemar Therme and the Black Forest Sauna. In addition, we will only provide you with a valid staff. There is no offer on request after payment of the maximum number of applications.

Erste Solbäder Mitte des 19. Jahrhunderts

The first sun loungers are located on the 19th floor. After and after eating the possession of the sun. The former Bohrhaus, which stands on the grounds of the high-rise Luisenpassage, is well functioning. It is located next to the Ecke Huber- und Luisenstraße, which is located in the small parking lot. Nachdem eine Sanierung notwendig vurde, diese aber so nicht durchgeführt werden sollte, war der Plan ein Kurmittelhaus zu bauen. In addition to the location on the land of the former Siedhaus IV (actually a warehouse) is available, according to the plans provided for the location on the permanent salt flats.

This semi-detached house with steam baths and salt baths can be found in the 1980s. The situation of damals is in a complicated situation and property. So damn the lofty Solebad dem Land, but also a part of the Kurparks. Bad Dürrheim also has a lot to do with the equipment of the Ortes. The Land wants and does not invest, the money is bad.

25 Millions Mark “Mitgift”

Man hatte erste erste Idei mit einem neuen Solebad und auf dieser Basis ging man in den Gemeinderat und in den Aufsichtsrat der Kur und Bäder, um eine Grundsatzentscheidung zu bekommen. Following the appointment of the glorious Bürgermeister Gerhard Hagmann, these members of the municipality are fast-paced. Under the String, the complete renovation of the property in the city of Bad Dürrheim is overlooking Solebad, as well as the vast areas of Kurparks, and I have the opportunity to agree with the 20 Millions Mark mark and other important sources. Somit war the Löwenanteil des new Solemars financed and man war Herr im eigenen Haus.

Info: Lots to see

The visitors will receive a free program on April 10 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on a free-to-date historical program, handicraft lessons with the year-round technique of Salzsiedens and live music. Die Abteilungen des Solemar bieten Mitmach-Aktionen an. About the jubilee year, various events such as city guides and agreements are offered. There is also a “Sole-Pop-Up Store” with jubilee products and souvenirs.


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