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Just like the hiking trail must be selected. Photo: Schwind

In addition to the 1250-year-old festivities, the Sulzer Stadtteil Mühlheim has been provided for the anniversary hiking. Start at the church. On historical paths there is a roundabout around Mühlheim.

Sulz-Mühlheim – Lange sah es am Samstag nicht so aus als ob die Wanderung hätte wetterbedingt stattfinden können, immer wieder gab es teils ergiebige Regenschauer. Doch der Mut der Organisatoren Volker Hoss and Dietmar Strobel samt Ortsvorsteherin Barbara Klaussner wurde belohnt, und die rund 40 Mitwanderer kamen trockenen Fußes na rund zweieinhalb Stunden und rund sechs Kilometer in den Beinen wieder in muschtumer.

Hin ihnen lag eine abwechslungsrenghe Jubiläums-Wanderung durch Wald und Flur, welche durchaus ihren Namen verdient hatte. On historic roads, there is a round about Mühlheim where a variety of stations are once again, and a number of people have been able to do so many times as well. The treasure is not only for the sake of unity, but also the most important stone house for their costs. In the meantime, the Volker Hoss is well established, the hiking trails are also highlighted.

Kilian and Rosi connect two countries

In addition to Dietmar Strobel, the share of the shareholders in the history of the population in Mühlheim. The Storch, as a unique bird, is back to the year 1845 in the Mühlheimer Annalen next. The brilliant Stork Kilian and Rosi are well preserved by the children of the primary school. Passend zur 70-Jahr-Feier des Bundeslandes Baden-Württemberg tragen die beiden Störche mit Kilian als Württemberger und Rosi als Badenerin ihren Teil zur Vereinigung bei. “Baden trifft Württemberg” by Dietmar Strobel von der Storcheninitiative in Mühlheim.

Furthermore, there is an asphalt road through the Stuobstwiesen, which again has a beautiful view of the Mühlheim freigaben, until the first stop on the “width”. Strobel has been announced, and the “Frunnamen” “Breite” and “Brühl” can be found in a state of the art and can be found in the grounds of the Dorfes. Volker Hoss dies in the history of the Obstbaus and the Struobstwiesen ein. Dabei war zu erfahren, dass die Römer die Kunst des Obstanbaus nach Süddeutschland damals als Hochstamm mit rund 100 verschiedene Sorten, brachten. An intensive development and maximum profit can be achieved, but in the 1950s the industrial building was built on Niederstammplantagen. Today, the Hochstämme, with the many old varieties, is already plowed and will also be widely used, informs Hoss.

Pepper served for conversation

With a short stop at the Klärbecken for the motorway water under the Mühlbach bridge, with Karl Wezel since this round 40 years ago, he has been on the Muhlkanal, where the advertised pepper has been for many reasons. This page contains Mühlheim with the Community Adviser Wilhelm König, who also has a job as a clerk in Mühlheim. On the above-mentioned site of Mühlbach, the Mühlheimer Storcheninitiatives have a much-needed biotope in their protected biotopes.

Volker Hoss writes that the date of the Mühlbach bridge is still in the heads of the wanderers. The bridge has a length of 582 meters and is 40 meters above the Mühlbachtal.

The hike takes place at the Rand von Renfrizhausen on the Kreisstraße, at the Karl Hauser Sportpark it is located on the green front of the beach at the opening of the Totenweg on the Weilertal. With a further stop at Kastanienbaum am Ende des Anstiegs, the famous Dietmar Strobel die Besitzverhältnisse des Weiherhof und Kirchberg. The Kirchberg Monastery has a unique landmark and an Austrian town. With the influence of the German nation of Napoleon in the year 1805, the church of Kirchberg was founded by the Württemberg Weiherhofs and was visited by Renfrizhausen. After a year of entertainment, we will be able to find the right to visit and travel to the Weiherhof. “Da ist es ja auf jedes Maul voll Grass angekommen”, so Strobel.

From the King of the Wurtsbrot weggevespert

The next stop is the understudy of the youth. In addition, a visit to King Wilhelm II at a Manor in 1894 was made by the two Lindens of the Military Council. There are also anecdotes that the dog from Lammwirt damals the king of Wurstbrot weggevespert habe. In 1811, after the transfers in the Hohlgasse, Schatz found a place and a new Tontopf with silver coins, reported Strobel. “Ich frage mich allerdings, wo der Schatz abgeblieben ist. Jedenfalls gab es keinen Eintrag in den Gemeindebüchern im Jahr 1811”, so Strobel.

In the Schindergraben near Brückle there is also an informative hiking stop. The other hikers are also in the Baikersberg and the first Motocross races of the ADAC Horb-Sulz in a rainy day and with 10,000 visitors. “I love you very much, but I have a good job with my father. This is my first choice,” said Dietmar Strobel.

According to the information provided by the Shepherd’s Association, the year-round landscape in Mühlheim has been read and all 200 years of the family of Schaible have been selected, ending a trip to the Mühlheimer city.


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