1. FC Cologne has the most female team from Ukraine

The 1. FC Cologne sets up a solidarity show: A family member from Ukraine is a member of the Bundesliga club – further supportive inclusive.

The 1. FC Cologne shows solidarity and reinforcement supported by a Ukrainian women’s football team.
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To fly from the Kriegsgebiet der Ukraine to the Frauenmannschaft of FC Kryvbas from the attacking Land Zuflucht under the Obhut of the 1. FC Cologne and further air strikes.

The team and Coach Alina Stetenco, the 22-year-old Captain Anna Ivanova and the first 17-year-old Spielmacherin Inna Hlushenko are present at Sommer 2021 and are integrated directly into the fastest Ukrainian League. During the winter break (last December 21, 2021) and at the beginning of the Krieges the spirit of the Spielbetrieb took place.

The former Prime Minister’s training must be carried out as soon as the trainings take place in Turkey – and then on the Tag, or at the rank of 3, the team will fly in the Flight Departure – the war of the Kriegsbeginns.

The players and passengers are also kinder and better than the rest of the children (up to 40 people) have the opportunity to enter the Fahrt Bombeninschläb be’s boobachtet and join in an assembly together. Dort stand the Idea, das Team geschlossen ins Ausland zu bringen.

Accommodation in a hotel room:

For a single Dolmetscher (Artur Podkopayev), the self-contained up to the age of 16 years for FC Kryvbas to play and play in Germany, is almost always the contact word. The translator beat the 1. FC Cologne in support and be sure positive signal.

And now that the Rheinländer’s Team has a Tag Ruhe and the corona-tests that take place on this official Sunday, directly to the Trainings of the Professionals and, of course, leave the train “If you want to leave”. A common name Photo with Trainer Steffen Baumgart, Anthony Modeste & Co. One of the banners “Stop War” is now available – and one of the names will be displayed in Geißbockheim. When you arrive at the airport shortly before midnight, you will be able to find the Ukrainian capital at one of the Stutt’s Flights to Hotel accommodation.

The rating of 1. FC Cologne is not only on Profitball – it will be hard to find it.

FC-Thorten Friedrich:

The management of the management in Cologne is organized by the 1. FC Cologne with its support team in the Blue Journey with the Blue Cross eV, the Goldene Jungs and the Helfern. FC-Thorten Friedrich from the Fan- and Fan-Club Club has arrived in Wochenbegin just before the Polish transfer from the Polish-Ukrainian border to Cologne.

“Die Schicksale sind bewegend”

Friedrich bears the donnestag on the day of Stellung and sprach davon, which is the original name of the man: “We want to see where the team is right now. We want you to be able to support and support the team as much as possible, even if it means lowering your coaching and coaching yourself. “And the men come with a plastic bag, so that all the Hab and Gut drins, they can do it right away. The magic is not there yet. The Schicksale are good.”

Why does the club from Domstadt share this action now? Friedrichs Erklärung: “Also 1. FC Cologne and its Professionals have a comprehensive registration. The registration of the 1. FC Cologne is not only on the Profitball – and Ganzen will be there soon.”

All have very good mitgeholfen, das konte ich nicht glauben, wie schön das war.

Dolmetscher Artur Podkopayev:

Dolmetscher Podkopayev bedancte sich zunächst beim Bundesliga-Klub: “Der 1. FC Cologne hat mir nach mein Aufruf sehr gut geholfen. All haben sehr gut mitgeholfen, ich konnte nicht glauben, wie schön das war.” Also about Umstände, where the flight is restricted, speak the engraved words: “Even if the bombshells are completely empty, they will have to take care of the entries, to organize the Floods of the whole Teams. We want the women to be saved.”

Thanks to Captain Ivanova (22): “Wir wollen uns ganz herzlich bei allen bedanken, die uns geholfen haben. “Our children will not be able to do this, they are now in Ukraine.” The young Spielmacherin Hlushenko (“I ich bin unglaublich dankbar”) and Sportdirektor Yevhenii Arbuzov’s students are also missing: “Frauen und Leute, die über die Grenze gekommen sind, fühlen sichher. Das ist das Wichtigste. Ein großes Dankeschön deswegen an Köln und Deutschland.”

The whole team of FC Kryvbas and the Ukrainian and Ukrainian players will arrive on Sunday (19.30) at the Stadium in Heimspiel der Kölner against Borussia Dortmund.

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